Full-Service Audio Post-Production

Audio makes up 50% of the DNA of almost ‘every piece of video content’ ever made…

Sound Matters.

Audio Editing & Restoration

From mouth noises to annoying background noise – nobody wants to hear all that. 

We get it, recording environments aren’t always ideal for capturing high-quality audio. Our professional audio editing services have you covered.



Treatment applied: Audio cleanup, restoration, and mixing for clarity.

Limited-Time Offer

Sound Design

Add realism and awe to your productions.

Sound design is an audio editor’s secret weapon for producing immersive environments. When done well, sound design is able to engage audiences by giving them a clearer sense of space and vibe.

Custom Production Music

Bespoke music made from scratch, specifically to compliment the evolving moods of your production. Our music production team has over 20 years of experience in producing engaging music across many different genres, and a GRAMMY-nomination to go along with the experience.

Say goodbye to the time-sucking process of digging through thousands of generic stock music tracks. Odds are, you’re settling somewhere along the way – let alone the tedious task of “mixing it in” at a pro level.

Treatment applied: We created an original score to this scene from the film “Swallow” to accentuate the intense emotional interaction between the two characters.

Original music created by our producers have been featured on programs aired by some of the world’s leading broadcast networks.

Audio Mixing

Upgrade your audio quality.

You can have the best script… the most fitting music, soaring SFX, and an amazing cast that delivers.

If it’s not mixed well, no one will give your production a chance. Studies show that viewers are more likely to stop engaging with content due to poor audio long before becoming disinterested due to poor visuals or delivery.

Hear The Difference



Treatment applied: We cleaned up some background noise (very noticeable at 0:16) and enhanced the audio quality for clarity. Also, we added original music to give the video an engagement lift. Vlog by Oliver Wright.

Treatment applied: We created an original soft piano background piece to enhance the calm tone of this relaxing vlog, being sure to keep the ASMR/nature sounds at the forefront of the sound palette in this vlog by Bayoona.

Treatment applied: Overlaid original music to boost the style & appeal of this vlog by Michaela Bento.

Our Simple Process

Step 1: Free Consultation

We hop on a call to discuss the specifics of your project so that we are clear on your goals.

Step 2: Service Agreement

We agree on the services to be rendered including pricing, turn-around times, and other important information.

Step 3: We Get To Work

After receiving the raw files for your production (typically the final visual and any existing raw audio tracks), we swiftly go into production mode – sharing any necessary updates with you along the way.

Step 4: Review

Once work is completed, we discuss the work that has been done. If any edits are needed, they’re made at this stage.

Step 5: Final Delivery

Once approved, we deliver to you all pertinent audio files to sync with your visuals.

A couple of notes:

  • We are flexible with methods of communication (email, phone, video chat, etc.), so we leave that completely up to what works best for you.
  • As we work more closely with you, less “discussion” will be needed as we’ll be more aware of your brand’s overall sonic profile.

Limited-Time Offer

Here’s why you should leave your audio production to us

Digital content can only engage 2 out of the 5 human senses – sight and sound. 

We’re sound experts.

You (or your video editors) spend insane amounts of time trying to manipulate audio, which is usually outside of the scope of your expertise as a true content creator.

Save time, energy, and frustration.

Relax – you don’t have to do it all on your own. Spend more time managing “the bigger picture” while we handle the audio.

Maximize your focus & productivity.