In short, the Personal license is for personal social content, and the Unlimited license covers everything (both personal & commercial projects). 

Compare the licenses in more detail on our license page.

You will not be able to download tracks for free without an active subscription. However, any Products downloaded and published during an active subscription (or trial period) are covered forever.

Personal License:

Any project you create using LVKEHOUSE music tracks during your active Personal License subscription period is covered forever. However, once your Personal plan expires, you can no longer use the music tracks in any new projects.

Unlimited License:

During an active Unlimited subscription, you are permitted to use any music tracks you download in your projects forever.

The license to use the downloaded music tracks is still valid even after your subscription expires (unless the license is terminated for any reason). However, once the license expires, you will not be able to download any new music tracks for new projects.

Yes, you can simply purchase a Personal or Unlimited license to a single track for lifetime use without needing to pay a monthly fee.

To do this, click on the “select options” button under the artwork of the track you’re interested in. Then, select your desired license.

More licensing information can be found on our licensing page.

If your project using a LVKEHOUSE Product is broadcast through television/radio networks, yes. The broadcast company is obligated to report information regarding the performing rights owners and artists for the music used in your project.

To report this information, you’ll need to provide PROs with a cue sheet for your project.

We’ve put together more information (and a handy template) to help get you going.

Nothing to worry about here as long as you have an appropriate license.

In the event that you receive a copyright claim, please dispute the claim by stating that you have permission to use the music in your video, referencing the license agreement for the specific track which can be found in your account area.

If you receive a claim on YouTube, we advise you to not dispute the claim. Please contact us immediately with your video link and the claimant’s claim information. We will work with the claimant to have this cleared with the utmost priority as all music tracks licensed from our website are 100% owned by us.

No, our Products are meant to be integrated into Projects that combine video and audio (with the exception of Podcasts). We do not permit that use of our Products as backing tracks or instrumentals for sound recordings (or songs) to which you add your lyrics or vocals too.


You can access your downloads on the “downloads” tab of your account.

Go to your account, and click on the “subscriptions” tab to manage your account status. Please note that once canceled, you will no longer be able to get access to free downloads.

You can see this information on the “subscriptions” tab of your account.

When you sign up for a LVKEHOUSE subscription, a unique ID is created. Your card details are encrypted over SSL for your security and never shared with or possessed by LVKEHOUSE. 

When signing up using a credit card, transactions are processed by Stripe.


If you cancel your subscription within 7 days of your subscription activation date, have not downloaded any music tracks in that time, and reach out to us with your concerns within those 7 days, you’re allowed a refund.

Yes. We upload new music every week!

Yes, we do! Please fill out our custom form for assistance with enterprise solutions.